Monday, February 23, 2015

Missing Dave this time of year

"We are all thinking of and loving you David!"
Adam, Carol, Daniel and Jonathan

Please send our warm thoughts to the whole family.  We've been sharing stories about our pal and do miss him.  The memories will always be special and his presence lives with us every day.
All the best, Adam

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Run for a Cure!- Dave in San Francisco!

Hey all,

 My dear friend Brittany Barrick will be running for a cure for leukemia and lymphoma in a few weeks in a half-marathon in San Francisco (one of Dave's favorite cities in America).

 Dave's name will be proudly represented on her back in memory of his amazing life and strong will to fight.

Please join me in supporting her on her amazing run. every dollar counts so any amount, small or large, would be greatly appreciated. Brittany will be accepting donations for this San Francisco run until THIS TUESDAY but will continue to accept donations for a cure through the end of the month. Below is a link to her fundraising page.

I can't wait to see Uncle Dave on the streets of San Francisco again, CAN YOU????

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Thoughts from Phoebe Hart

Hi there,

I have a few things to add to the blog....  The attached photo was taken in the summer of 2002, on my honeymoon with James Davidson in Massachusetts.

Dave was always a big supporter of everything we did - especially our creative endeavours.  Our 'quasi Aussie'.

  • How did you meet Dave?
He was a best friend to my fiance then husband, James Davidson.
  • What was your first impression of him?
Just a lovely, fun-loving, glass-half-full, huggy bear of a guy.
  • Tell us about a good time you had with dave.
He took us all around Massachusetts in 2002 and was an exceptional host.
  • Tell us about a crazy idea he shared with you, or you shared with him.
He shared his undying love for Australian actress Sigrid Thornton (and for Australian cinema generally!).  
  • Tell us something about your relationship with Dave that made it extra special.
He just supported everything I did.  He always celebrated my successes and victories as if they were his own.
  • Tell us about something Dave did for you that made you feel important or significant.
He watched an early cut of my autobiographical film Orchids: My Intersex Adventure, which was about a particularly traumatic aspect of my life.  I was very nervous about what people would think and he was just so cool, impressed, understanding, reflective and supportive.
  • Tell us about a time when Dave inspired you. What came of it?
He just always inspired me to be me and treat everyone with love and respect.

Phoebe Hart ;-)



Dear Uncle Dave

Dear Uncle Dave,

Last weekend I took the GRE and did REALLY WELL!!!!! David and I also found this reeally good micro-brewery. I've been trying to eat at as few chain restaurants as possible whenever I travel. It's been going swimmingly. But I'll still never give up my Red Robin french fries because really, those things are delicious. The summer on the east coast has been incredibly mild so David and I are in heaven. Peanut is doing well too. James Taylor came on the radio while I was editing your blog today in Cafe Lemonte, a small off beat place that David and I discovered near our apartment. I think you would definitely approve. Also, I hope you saw that a Brit won men's Wimbledon! I'm sure your not disappointed. David's Grandpa and Uncle were able to actually attend in England. Isn't that cool? I miss you and love you and think of you often.

Love always, Char

p.s. Please stop creeping up on me when I'm at work. I'm doing my best.

Thoughts from Susan Holden

David was my architectural history tutor at the University of Queensland, but he was always more than a teacher and became a life-long friend. In these past few months I have spent a lot of time thinking about Dave and enjoying the reverie of random memories coming back to me, it is only now sinking in how much I am truly going to miss him.

David’s jovial and enthusiastic approach to teaching quickly became renowned in the architecture department at UQ. He found ways to connect with almost everybody, especially his students. For one class I remember he brought along two different pairs of cowboy boots to demonstrate the difference between Perrault’s concepts of positive and arbitrary beauty. And then there was the time he came to class dressed as Elvis... He had the gift of the gab and a gift with words.

For the 2006 graduating party of Bachelor of Design students he organised for a copy of the Fountainhead movie to be flown up from the Sound and Image archive in Canberra and projected onto the outside of the architecture building at UQ. It was exhilarating to see Gary Cooper’s sharp profile absorb the almost brutalist, exposed aggregate concrete surface of the building. It was a moment that brought together two of David’s great loves, and two of mine: cinema and architecture.

During his time in Brisbane, we were regulars at the annual Brisbane International Film Festival. We would camp out at the Regent Cinemas for 3 or 4 movies at a time, day after day. I would bring baguettes and tea and he would bring the Salt Water Taffy that he somehow always managed to have on hand for the occasion. We would play at being Margaret and David, an iconic Australian film critic double act. Like Margaret and David, we had our individual obsessions. But we also had a lot of favourite films in common, including Roman Holiday, Manhattan, My Life as a Dog, and one for the Aussies, Love and Other Catastrophes... A favourite pastime was to make lists of our favourite films. It was an endless conversation in which we would constantly modify the criteria so that our lists were never finished.

David and I were also bound by our love of travel. During his time in Australia he became part of many family holiday excursions to Fraser Island and road trips to Sydney to see the latest art and architecture. In 2002 I visited David in South Egremont, staying for several months. It was blissful. With April Hill as our base, we went on several road trips; to the iconic Fallingwater, up to his family holiday house on Hupper Island in Maine, to Boston, Washington, Charlottesville; pilgrimages to architectural sites and David’s haunts. I met David’s mother and father and many of his friends during this visit; he seemed to know people in every city. I enjoyed and remember their hospitality. David was the perfect travel companion: curious, light, and present.

It is somewhat strange to be posting a blog for David, as he was always so resistant to technology. I think I can take credit for setting up his first email address, but this didn’t stop him from referring to it as evil-mail. I have been thankful for this means of communication in the last few years when travelling for Dave was harder and less frequent. But nothing will replace the stacks of handwritten letters, postcards and ephemera that I received from him over the years. He was an excellent correspondent. His network of friendships was phenomenal. I can only imagine the ephemera now scattered across the globe courtesy of David - now that’s what I call social media.

David was such a distinctive person. I can still hear his voice in my head. He was funny and caring and clever. He looked like a koala when his hair got too long. I am going to miss the feeling that he is in this world, and the thought that I will see him again.

Susan Holden, Brisbane, Australia.